My earliest ever memory of my initial love of photography was at around 10 years old when I saw an Anne Geddes calender at my Granma's house.  I fell in love with her work and even now I keep her 'Down in the Garden' book on my desk.


As a little girl and throughout school art was my passion.

I studied art throughout school and after, with an Art & Design Foundation Degree at the University of Hertfordshire,

a Foundation Degree in Specialist Make-Up Design and a BA Hons Degree in Media Performance at the University of Bedfordshire.

After University I was a make-up artist and worked in central London for a few years until I fell pregnant in 2012.

Having a baby made me realise how many precious fleeting moments there are in our lives, that should be beautifully captured and treasured forever.  My babies are my muses, they are my inspiration for starting and continuing my photography business.  

Whether its babies or weddings, photographing these special milestones in your lives is a truly rewarding experience and  I feel very lucky to do so!  I enjoy every second and hope this reflects in my photography.  

Let's celebrate life and capture the magic!!!

Random facts about me

~ I love old pubs & plan on travelling around the UK to photograph as many as I can!


~ I also plan to spend a dream summer travelling around Ireland in a camper van as soon as my youngest is old enough.

I love horse racing.  When I was pregnant I already loved the name 'River' but to persuade my partner to pick the name I said that if 'Native River' won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2018 that that would be our son's name, along came River in November 2018 :)

~Magic FM soothes my soul and is usually what I'm listening to whilst I edit.

~ I'm fascinated with the moon!  Both of our babies were born on a new moon - new beginnings- most definitely!


~ I have way too many pretty notebooks/diaries.  Makes my hectic life appear more organised!


about me

My favourite colour is sunset, my favourite scent is sunrise.

Hello, I'm Suzi.

First and foremost I am a mum, to two beautiful souls, Savanna & River!  & Fiancee/BFF to Rob, we've been engaged for years, when the time does (eventually) come it will either be a country wedding or we'll go crazy in Las Vegas!  

My camera comes with me on all of our adventures, we love the outdoors and being the amongst trees!  My personal instagram is @mumthecreative if you wish to follow our adventures!

Celebrating love, emotion, the seasons, nature and light is what really inspires me and what I aim to bring to my photography.